B.S. Post of the Day: Man DIES While Trying To Eat 6,000 Calorie Las Vegas BURGER

It’s no secret that Mediatakeout fabricates headlines to entice click-throughs and pageviews.  It’s a well known but unscrupulous practice, and many websites and newspapers do this. But what really grinds our gears with the way MTO does it, is that they tend to go overboard with it.  Check out the above example.

The headline clearly states “Man DIES While Trying To Eat 6,000 Calorie Las Vegas BURGER”, but upon further investigation after clicking on the link which takes you this story about a man who had a heart attack while eating a 6,000 calorie burger.  A man who is expecting to live nonetheless, and no where in the article does it say that he died.

The reason why we sometimes pick on MTO is because of this “journalistic integrity” that they keep preaching in their articles about someone copying their articles, when MTO obviously doesn’t know what the word “journalism” even means if they can’t even read and comprehend an article that they are linking to.

As always, we’re giving credit where its due with this one, and we spotted this B.S. post of the day over at Mediatakeout.


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